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Temporary Residence in Canada

Types of Temporary Residence in Canada

There are three types of classes for temporary residence in Canada, which are:

Visitor Class

The Visitor Class is tailored to those hoping to explore or experience all Canada offers. Here, visitors can acquire visas and permits, including single-entry and multiple-entry visitor visas, eTAs (electronic travel authorizations), and temporary resident permits – perfect for when you're merely visiting family/friends or on a business trip!

Student Class

Are you looking to expand your academic horizons in Canada? The Student Class is a unique opportunity for those wishing to enroll in language programs, diplomas, or degrees at an educational institution. Aspiring applicants must have received acceptance from the Canadian school and demonstrate both linguistic and monetary capabilities before being considered eligible.

Worker Class

Are you looking for a work opportunity in Canada? Then this class is perfect for you. You will find all the necessary information to access temporary employment opportunities with an employer or open work permit programs the Canadian government facilitates, like Global Talent Stream and International Mobility Program.

Each class has its specific eligibility requirements and application process. At NIC Immigration, we can assist individuals in determining which class is best for them and guide them through the application process to ensure a successful and stress-free temporary stay in Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Residence

The eligibility criteria for temporary residence in Canada vary depending on the specific status an individual seeks. However, here are some general criteria that apply to many temporary residence programs:

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    Valid travel document: Individuals must have a valid passport or other travel documents to enter Canada.
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    Health requirements: Individuals must be in good health and may be required to undergo a medical examination or provide medical records.
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    Security requirements: Individuals must not be a security risk to Canada and may be required to provide police certificates or undergo a security screening.
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    Financial requirements: Individuals must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in Canada, including accommodation, transportation, and other expenses.
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    Language requirements: Depending on the type of status, individuals may be required to demonstrate proficiency in English or French.
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    Compliance with immigration laws: Individuals must comply with Canadian immigration laws and regulations and must not have violated any immigration laws in the past.
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    Specific program requirements: Each temporary residence program has its own specific requirements, such as for study or work permits.

At NIC Immigration, we can assist individuals in determining the eligibility criteria for their specific type of status and guide them through the application process. We can also provide advice and guidance on meeting the requirements and increasing the chances of a successful application.


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