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Business Investment Program in Canada

Canada invites entrepreneurial and investment talent from around the world to take advantage of its Business Investment Program. Offering a golden opportunity for immigrants, this program encourages economic growth in Canada by creating jobs through new investments.

Types of Business Investment Programs in Canada

The Business Investment Program has several streams, including the Start-Up Visa Program, the Entrepreneur Program, and the Self-Employed Program. Each stream has its eligibility criteria and application process.

Start-Up Visa Program

The Start-Up Visa Program is a unique opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to Canada. Those accepted into the program are granted a work permit and provided access to permanent residency by Canadian designated organizations, such as venture capital funds, angel investor groups, or incubators. For those wishing to pursue creative endeavors in Canada while establishing roots in the country, this may be what they're looking for!

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Entrepreneur Program

The Entrepreneur Program invites experienced entrepreneurs and business executives to explore the possibilities of establishing a new venture in Canada. Candidates must possess a substantial net worth and prior experience managing an enterprise to gain eligibility. This program is your gateway to realizing Canadian ambitions!

Self-Employed Program

The Self-Employed Program is designed for individuals with experience in cultural or athletic activities, such as artists, athletes, or farmers, who wish to establish themselves in Canada.

Work With NIC Immigration for Business Investment Program

At NIC Immigration, we can assist entrepreneurs and investors in understanding and navigating the Business Investment Program. We can help clients determine their eligibility for the program, develop a business plan, and prepare and submit their applications to maximize their chances of success. Our team of experienced immigration professionals is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors achieve their goals and contribute to Canada's economic growth.


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