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Spousal Sponsorship


What is Spousal Sponsorship?

At NIC Immigration, we understand the importance of family reunification - which is why we are proud to provide Canadians with a service that facilitates the spousal sponsorship process. Our team can assist sponsors and their foreign national spouses in determining eligibility, understanding all aspects of the procedure, and completing an application for permanent residency. We strive to ensure families stay together by helping them build the life they deserve here in Canada.

Eligibility Requirements for Spousal Sponsorship

At NIC Immigration, we proudly serve Canadian citizens and permanent residents looking to sponsor their foreign spouses or common-law partners. We can help couples establish if they meet the requirements for spousal sponsorship in Canada. This includes ensuring a genuine relationship between parties and ensuring sponsored individuals do not pose any criminal or medical risks of admissibility into the country; further, sponsors must demonstrate financial stability, so they have adequate means of supporting themselves and their spouse while living here. With our assistance, you can be confident your application will receive due consideration from immigration authorities!

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How NIC Immigration Can Help with Spousal Sponsorship?

At NIC Immigration, we have a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals to provide guidance when sponsoring your spouse. We understand that the process can be overwhelming for both parties involved, which is why our services are tailored specifically to assist in navigating spousal sponsorship applications. Our experienced experts help clients fulfill eligibility requirements, ensure all documents required by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) are included with the submission of their application as well as offer post-landing support so new Canadians can transition smoothly into life here. Every step taken at NIC Immigration has one goal: ensuring successful results from start to finish!

Spousal Sponsorship Application Process

The spousal sponsorship application process can be a difficult and tedious journey to undertake. At NIC Immigration, we are dedicated to providing sponsors and spouses with the necessary guidance throughout this complex procedure by preparing all the required documentation, adhering to stringent deadlines, and providing advice on how best to face any issues that may arise during interviews conducted by IRCC officers - ultimately streamlining what could have been an overwhelming experience into one made as stress-free for you both as possible.


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