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Unveiling Your Journey: Embrace Permanent Residence in New Brunswick

Do you want to start over in charming New Brunswick? NIC Immigration helps people like you become permanent residents of New Brunswick. Our team of professionals will help you through every stage of the immigration procedure, making your new life stress-free.

Exploring Options for Permanent Residence in New Brunswick

New Brunswick offers several immigration programs and pathways to help individuals obtain permanent residence in the province. We at NIC Immigration are experts in these programs and can help you choose the one that best fits your needs and objectives. New Brunswick offers a variety of opportunities for those looking to make the province their permanent home.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)

The NBPNP is designed to attract and nominate skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and international graduates who can contribute to the economic growth of New Brunswick. Under the NBPNP, there are several streams to explore, including the Express Entry Labor Market Stream, Skilled Workers with Employer Support Stream, Entrepreneurial Stream, and Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

The AIPP is a regional immigration program that covers all four Atlantic provinces, including New Brunswick. It allows designated employers in the region to hire foreign workers and international graduates for positions they cannot fill locally. The AIPP offers a pathway to permanent residence in New Brunswick for eligible candidates who secure a job offer from a designated employer in New Brunswick.

Express Entry System

New Brunswick participates in the federal Express Entry system, which manages applications for three main economic immigration programs: The Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class. Candidates with a profile in the Express Entry pool may receive a provincial nomination through the NBPNP, which significantly increases their chances of being invited to apply for permanent residence in New Brunswick.

Family Sponsorship

Assume you have a close relative who resides in New Brunswick and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. If that’s the case, they may be able to put you forward for New Brunswick’s Family Sponsorship program, which can lead to permanent residency in the province. People who qualify for the program can move to New Brunswick to be with their families again.

Business Immigration

New Brunswick offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors through various business immigration programs. The Entrepreneurial Stream under the NBPNP and the Start-Up Visa Program at the federal level provide avenues for individuals with innovative business ideas or who are willing to invest in and actively manage a business in New Brunswick.

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program

This program is specifically designed for individuals with work experience in a skilled occupation classified as National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level C. The program requires a job offer from a designated employer in New Brunswick and aims to address labor market needs in the province.

Exploring the Perfect Cities to Settle in New Brunswick

Here at NIC Immigration, we can point you in the direction of cities in New Brunswick where you may feel comfortable settling down if you are granted permanent residency. Some of the most recommended locations include:


Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, is a thriving metropolis with a thriving arts and culture scene, top-notch educational institutions, and a robust job market. The city’s historic buildings, scenic riverwalks, and dynamic tech scene all contribute to its stellar reputation.

Saint John

Saint John, New Brunswick’s capital, is situated on the Bay of Fundy. It has a vibrant arts and dining scene in addition to its rich history and scenic shoreline. Saint John is a major center for several different types of business, including the manufacturing, healthcare, and computer sectors.


Moncton, widely recognized as Atlantic Canada’s economic and transportation hub, is a vibrant and multiethnic city. The city is well-known for its strong bilingual culture, low housing costs, and healthy job market.

St. Andrews

If you’re looking for a picturesque seaside town, St. Andrews is a great option. Stunning ocean views, ancient buildings, and a laid-back atmosphere all come together in this coastal town on Passamaquoddy Bay. Opportunities can be found in the tourism, hospitality, and maritime sectors in St. Andrews.

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Permanent Residence New Brunswick, Canada, offers a wealth of opportunities for those seeking to settle there. This vibrant province is renowned for its exquisite landscapes and rich culture, as well as the diverse economic landscape that it provides; from fishing to forestry and agriculture - every corner presents an opportunity for immigrants looking to start anew in this remarkable region

What New Brunswick Has to Offer

New Brunswick provides a desirable combination of excellent quality of life and affordability. It offers access to top healthcare and educational facilities, as well as a vibrant community environment guaranteed to make all newcomers feel right at home. Residents benefit from the relatively low cost of living when compared with other major Canadian cities, offering them the perfect balance between work opportunities and lifestyle satisfaction.


However, the process of seeking permanent residence New Brunswick, Canada can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating the different programs, regulations, and procedures. That’s where Nic Immigration consultants service like Nic Immigration comes in. Our team of experts is well-versed in the regulations and procedures for all these programs, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their application is submitted correctly and on time

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With the complexities of permanent resident applications in Canada, it can be a challenge to figure out the best course of action. Let us at Nic Immigration take on that burden, and together we’ll make your dream of becoming a New Brunswick Permanent Resident or permanent residence Manitoba become a reality! Don’t shy away from this opportunity – contact our team today and allow us to show you how easy obtaining an application for residence here can be.




NBPNP is a provincial immigration program made possible through an agreement with the Federal Government of Canada. As an economic program, the NBPNP selects, and nominates, qualified business people and skilled workers from around the world who will live in New Brunswick and contribute to the local economy. The NBPNP immigration is also part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. You may apply for this province if you have certain criteria met. To know more about your eligibility it is advisable to talk to an expert.


Skilled Workers with family support: In order to qualify for this stream, you should fulfill the following criteria:

  • tickcircle
    Have a close relative to the family as a supporter
  • tickcircle
    Your age is between 22 and 50
  • tickcircle
    You can demonstrate a language proficiency of CLB4 or higher
  • tickcircle
    You are qualified educationally and experience wise to your intended occupation
  • tickcircle
    You intend to live and work in New Brunswick
  • tickcircle
    You have at least 2 years of experience (full-time) within the last 5 years
  • tickcircle
    Your job is represented in (0, A or B)
  • tickcircle
    You possess a minimum settlement fund of 10,000CAD and 2,000 for each additional family member


If you believe the above description fits what you have, you can further test that by filling our Assessment form. We will respond to you within 3 working days with a detailed report outlining your current situation and any relevant information that is specific to the data you sent us.

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