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Endless Horizons: Embrace Permanent Residence Saskatchewan Opportunities

Unlock the Door to Your Future in Saskatchewan

If moving to Saskatchewan permanently is your lifelong goal, you can rest certain that the team at NIC Immigration will work tirelessly to help you realize that goal. Saskatchewan, often known as the “Land of the Living Skies,” has a warm community, robust economy, and good quality of life. Allow us to be your trusted companions as we explore the complexities of obtaining permanent residence in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan’s Vibrant Communities: Find Your Forever Home

Where Community and Belonging Flourish

Saskatchewan has a very strong feeling of community. Saskatoon and Regina aren’t the only prosperous cities in Saskatchewan; small towns and rural enclaves can also be found throughout the province. Because of the strong sense of community in Saskatchewan, newcomers are welcomed with open arms.

Saskatchewan’s Booming Economy: Seize New Opportunities

Thrive in a Prosperous Business Environment

Saskatchewan’s robust economy offers plentiful opportunities for career advancement and business growth. Some of the province’s most well-known industries are agriculture, mining, energy, industry, and technology.

Saskatchewan’s World-Class Education: Unlock Your Potential

Where Knowledge Meets Excellence

Saskatchewan places a strong emphasis on education as a means to its goals of talent development and economic expansion. The province is home to numerous prestigious educational institutions that provide numerous options for continuing one’s education throughout one’s lifetime.

Saskatchewan’s Natural Splendor: Embrace the Great Outdoors

Where Adventure Awaits at Every Turn

Saskatchewan’s pristine natural beauty is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. The province offers abundant recreational activities, from vast prairies to breathtaking lakes and forests for every season. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, or simply immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature, Saskatchewan provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor adventure.

NIC Immigration: Your Trusted Guide to Permanent Residence In Saskatchewan

Navigating the Pathway with Expertise and Care

NIC Immigration is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. Our team of professionals is here to help you through each step of the process to gain permanent residence in Saskatchewan. From vetting your eligibility to writing and submitting your application, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to fit your needs. You may move on with applying for permanent residence in Saskatchewan, knowing that NIC Immigration is on your side.


Permanent Residence Saskatchewan was Never This Easy

Yup! You heard us right! It’s easy. Contact our experts to find out more.

What Does Saskatchewan Offer in Terms of Permanent Residence?

Saskatchewan is a province in Canada that offers many opportunities for permanent residence Saskatchewan. The province is known for its strong economy, diverse culture, and friendly communities.


Saskatchewan has a focus on industries such as agriculture, mining, and energy, providing a wide range of job opportunities for immigrants. Additionally, the cost of living in Saskatchewan is generally considered to be lower than in other major Canadian cities, making it an attractive option for those looking for a balance of work and lifestyle.


Saskatchewan also offers several immigration programs specifically tailored to attract and retain talented professionals, entrepreneurs, and international students. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is one of the most popular programs to apply for permanent residence Saskatchewan or in the another province like permanent residence Newfoundland and Labrador. The program is divided into several categories, such as the International Skilled Worker, Entrepreneur and Farm, and Young Farmer Streams.


The province also offers a high standard of living with access to quality healthcare and education and a friendly and welcoming community. There are many recreational and cultural activities in the province, such as festivals, museums, and parks, that make it a great place to live.

Saskatchewan offers a strong economy, affordable cost of living, and a variety of immigration programs that can lead to permanent residence. It also offers a great quality of life with access to education, healthcare, and many recreational activities.


Contact Nic Immigrations for more information on how we can make Permanent Residence in Saskatchewan easy for you.

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This program invites residency applications from non-Canadians who want to make Saskatchewan their home. The SINP works on demand list and available quota-based system and each year Saskatchewan Immigration releases the allotted quota and demand list for the occupations which can apply. It is very important for you to be prepared in advance to apply.


The program includes the following streams:

International Skilled Worker:

SINP nominates those skilled workers who meet the SINP criteria within the following sub-streams:

International Skilled Worker/Employment Offer:

In order to qualify for this stream, you need to:

  • tickcircle
    Score 60 out of 100 in Saskatchewan eligibility grid
  • tickcircle
    Having a valid job offer

International Skilled Worker/Occupation In-Demand:

To qualify for this stream, you need to

  • tickcircle
    Score 60 out of 100 in Saskatchewan eligibility grid
  • tickcircle
    Have a minimum of 1-year experience in one of the In-Demand occupations list

International Skilled Worker/Saskatchewan Express Entry:

To qualify for this stream, you need to:

  • tickcircle
    Be originally accepted in IRCC’s Express Entry Pool
  • tickcircle
    Score 60 out of 100 in Saskatchewan’s eligibility grid

Saskatchewan Experience Category:

This stream applies to current foreign workers with a valid work permit in Saskatchewan. This category has its own sub-categories as follows:

  • tickcircle
    Applicants with existing work permit
  • tickcircle
    Health professionals
  • tickcircle
    Hospitality sector project
  • tickcircle
    Long-Haul truck driver project


If you believe the above description fits what you have, you can further test that by filling our Assessment form. We will respond to you within 3 working days with a detailed report outlining your current situation and any relevant information that is specific to the data you sent us.

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